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Quickly turn your design into a 3D PDF. The new Dimensioning Manager (video: 2:42 min.) can set an offset for any dimension (e.g., for multiple units) and dynamically switches between real-life and 3D symbols. The new Dimensioning Assistant Tool can measure distances and angles between 2D or 3D features in existing drawings.The Dimensioning Assistant Tool can measure distances and angles between 2D or 3D features in existing drawings.The new automatic dimension annotations can help you to quickly keep design specs in sync with your drawings. The annotation handles accurately address a number of issues such as scale, object type and symbol type, including managing parallel and perpendicular lines and repeating symbols.Single Symbol Support:Store your drawing parameters and reference symbols in a single group for easy access.Support for Dynamic Zoom:Dynamic Zoom allows you to zoom to parts of your drawing and still see the full drawing.Support for Dynamic Window Management:Dynamic window management allows you to easily change the size and position of your Windows and toolbars.The new option to display multiple views of a drawing helps you to easily navigate complex drawings. The new Optional views option lets you zoom in, zoom out, rotate, pan, and track.The new Dynamic Plot area on the status bar that shows the latest information on the plot area is always visible and can be expanded, collapsed, and cleared.Tooltips:The new Transparency feature makes it easy to adjust object transparency on the fly.The new Dynamic Transparency feature allows you to quickly adjust the opacity of an object on-the-fly. The new Grid snapping to visibility feature uses a new object snapping technique.The new filter options help you to keep your drawings clear of objects, for example, to hide the objects you don't need for the current drawing task.The new Solid Edge Style feature makes it easy to add text to objects.Style-based off-line and online rendering:You can create your own style library, which makes it easier to reuse styles in multiple drawings and projects.New Content-Aware Fill:Use content-aware filling to fill objects and strokes automatically and intelligently. For example, make the correction of misspelled words.The new Content-Aware Healing feature uses pattern matching and filling to intelligently remove 2be273e24d

AutoCAD X64

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