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Lily Faerman has been teaching chess to children and adults for nearly 20 years. Saudin is an International Master who founded NYChessKids.

My Story

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From the chessboards of Bosnia to the bustling streets of New York City, Saudin's journey unfolded. Before his move to NYC in 1996, he had already made a mark as a top-tier chess player in Europe. 

But instead of pursuing more tournaments, Saudin decided to share his passion for chess with the next generation. In 1998, he founded NYChessKids, LLC, a place where children could learn and play chess in a fun and engaging way. Over the years, NYChessKids has grown into a hub for chess education, offering programs in schools, organizing tournaments, and even selling chess books and gear.

In Saudin's classes, it's not just about the moves; it's about creating a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere where students can fall in love with the game.



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