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Chess Lessons and Puzzles

Check out these online chess lessons created on LiChess. Lessons are perfect for absolute beginners to advanced players. We highly recommend creating your own account so you can keep track of your learning progress. You can register and use all the learning resources on LiChess for free.

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Lesson 1: Checkmate Patterns (Part 1)
Checkmate Pattern 1.png
Lesson 1: Checkmate Patterns (Part 3)
Checkmate Pattern 3.png
Lesson 4: Chess Tactics - Zugzwang
Lesson 6: Chess Tactics - Greek Gift
Lesson 8: Endgame - Opposition
Lesson 10: Chess Tactics - Fork (Part 1)
Fork 1
Lesson 11: Best Games (Part 1)
Best Games.png
Lesson 11: Best Games (Part 3)
Best Games P3.png
Lesson 12: Discovered Attack (Part 2)
Discovered Attack I2
Lesson 14: Overloaded Pieces
Overloaded Pieces
Lesson 1: Checkmate Patterns (Part 2)
Checkmate Pattern 2.png
Lesson 1: Checkmate Patterns (Part 4)
Checkmate Pattern 4.png
Lesson 3: Chess Tactics - Zwischenzug
Lesson 5: Chess Tactics - Interference
Lesson 7: Endgame - Key Squares
Key Squares
Lesson 9: Endgame - 7th Rank Rook Pawn
7th Rank.png
Lesson 10: Chess Tactics - Fork (Part 2)
Intermediate Fork P2
Lesson 11: Best Games (Part 2)
Best Games Part 2
Lesson 12: Discovered Attack (Part 1)
Discovered Attack LiChess
Lesson 13: Strategy of Positional Play
Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 1.54.11 PM.png
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