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Teachers Programs

NYChesskids support our teachers' individual programs and classes. If you are looking for private lessons or group classes, see the list of our teachers and affiliates below and feel free to contact any of them directly.


Saudin Robovic

Having achieved the rank of International Master, Saudin was a professional Chess player in Europe, winning a lot of tournaments. He established NYChessKids. He really loves kids, working with kids, and with anything related to chess. He also loves yoga and very much into it right now.

Khatia Abramidze

Khatia has been working with NYChessKids for more than 8 years. She is a very good private teacher and is always present at the tournaments and camps. She works with all levels but really love to work with little kids. Khatia also teaches arts and yoga.


Anatoly Trubman

He started teaching chess in 1990, and has been coaching at national championships since 1988. According to Anatoly, “My motivation for teaching has always been seeing the direct results of my work. I enjoy the success my students have had as chess players.”

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