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TAG School

Classes will be offered to beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. Online Program included.

  • Beginners Class: Kids on this level will learn the basic moves of the game, like how to move the pieces, check & checkmate, stalemate, castling, promotion and they will work in different puzzles like checkmate in one.  ​

  • Intermediate Class: Kids on this level will continue building up the basic level, learning combinations like double attack, fork, pin, x-ray and different kind of strategies to finish the games. Kids will work in many puzzles like checkmate in two.

  • Advanced Class: This level is for kids that want to prepare and be ready for tournaments. We are planning to create a Chess Team in the school that would participate and represent the school in local tournaments. All kids would be able to be part of the team, there would be no restrictions. For more information, please CONTACT US.

April 11-June 21

TAG Chess Team


TAG Chess Team is open to all TAG students who are tournament-ready, interested to become part of the team and represent the school.


TAG Chess team is headed by Nitai Leve and John Hardin


Parents will have to pay for the tournament registration but NYChessKids provides the team room and bring coaches at the tournament to analyze the games and assist the kids.

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