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Coding is now part of the Learning Center mind-balanced camps and Q300 afterschool program.


NYChessKids' Director, Saudin Robovic, believes that "Coding is good for Chess Players", and there's no doubt about it. Similar to Chess, Coding is also related to knowledge, creativity, and technique. Introducing kids to coding will help them improve cognitive skills and pattern recognition, thus improve Chess. Both Chess and Coding help in mind-training, deductive and analogical reasoning, including memory and attention.


The coding program is currently available for beginners only. Classes include the introduction to coding and activities.

Q300 Afterschool

Q300 and NYChessKids have partnered to provide coding lessons during the afterschool programs on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Learning Center Camps

Introduction to Coding is now part of the NYChessKids Mind-balanced Camps and is offered at the Learning Center.

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