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Adrian Durkin

Adrian started playing chess when he was 4 years old. Besides chess Adrian likes playing basketball, football and baseball. His favourite subject at school is math.

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Katya Davis

Katya started playing chess when she was 3, she saw her dad playing chess against her brother. She practices a half an hour to 45 minutes every day. Katya has a very mature point of view on losing games. "When I lose a game I feel that I learn more. I would rather lose a very good game than win a bad one," said Katya.

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Catherine Ye

Catherine is one of our greatest students. She started playing chess when she was in kindergarten. Catherineye was the first in her family to start playing chess, she likes everything about it.

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Chris Vincent

Chris is one of the most talanted kids in NYC. He started playing chess when he was in kindergarten. Chris has a lot of chess friends and is a great basketball player.

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William Knoff

The first person who taught William how to play chess was his dad. NYChessKids has helped William to improve his skills since he was 3 years old. His cherished dream is to become a grandmaster.

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Katya, Kadhir and Ethan are talking about Tournament in Brazil

Katya, Kadhir and Ethan started to play chess when the were very young. They love NYChessKids because you can learn chess, have fun and meet a lot of new friends there. "It takes a lot of practise and studying to achieve the oportunity to play World Youth Chess Championship in Brazil," said Katya.

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Amir, Alex and Matthew are talking about Knockout Tournament

Amir, Alex and Matthew love NYChessKids. "NYChessKids gives you good preparation for tournaments, Instructors are great and it's a good balance between playing chess and having fun," guys said.

Knockout Tournament is a very challenging competition. It's a lot of preasure, fun and excitement, which kids like.

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Amir Moazami Won 1st Invitational Knock-Out

Amir Moazami won 1st NYChessKids invitational knock-out tournament! Amir Moazami (1905) defeated Alexander Spinnell (2046) in the final round and took first place in NYChessKids’ first invitational knock-out tournament.

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