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PS116 Camps
Location: 210 East 33rd St, New York, NY 10016

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm


* Snack and lunch will be provided. We serve pizza for lunch and fruits, chips, popcorn for snack! Students are welcome to bring their own food.

About NYChessKids Chess Camps
The goal of the camp is to foster an environment of learning and fun, so that students are happy before and after the day. While chess is of course the central purpose of our camp, there will be many opportunities for relaxation, free play, socialization and outside activities. All camp locations offer air conditioned spaces.

We accept kids from 3.5 to 16 years old. At our Chess Camps we make sure that each child will be studying in a group with children of similar age and playing skill.

While the format of each camp day is the same, the content and form of the lessons varies day-to-day. There is always a warm-up and the “tournament-style” session, but the other sessions can take different forms such as:

  • Puzzle solving (various forms of tactics; endgames; studies; etc.)
  • Multimedia lesson with projector
  • Lesson on demonstration board
  • Analysis session

  • We have Full day (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM) and Half day (9:00 AM to 1:00 PM / 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM ) options.

    With the half day option students work on chess for the duration of their stay here. For students staying for the full day, the morning will be mostly devoted to chess, while in the afternoon there will be an outdoor exercise portion (weather permitting) followed by a tournament-style game and analysis session with the teachers.

    Parents Feedback:
    Jung Chun (a parent) about Chess Camp at PS116

    I noticed a light under the boys’ room late last night, way past bedtime. I went in, assuming that Leo had snuck in his iPad and that I would have to confiscate it. I was awestruck. Instead of watching inane youtube videos, he was sitting on the floor with his chessboard out in the midst of a game, a book of Kasparov’s greatest games in his hand. I quietly shut the door. Obviously, chess camp has inspired him. Thank you!

    Jung Chun (a parent) about an After-school Program and Chess Camps

    A week of chess camp that we won improved Leo's game immensely and ignited his passion for the game. If he could, he'd do chess after school every day instead of once a week.

    Jodie Gillon (a parent) about an After-school Program and Chess Camps

    I bring my son to 116 after school, despite chess being offered at his own school becasue I appreciate the more serious systematic approach taken and the higher levels. Since the switch I have seen huge improvements in his abilities and devotion to chess. The teachers are phenomenal and Saudin truly gets to know each and every child and family despite the obvious growth in popularity of his organization. I love that I can send my son to chess camp every day school is closed. He looks forward to attending and has made friends there from many schools and the camp seems to draw the brightest kids in NYC so to me its better than a babysitter. I look forward to starting the online programs as well.

    Cristy Stagnar about the Summer Camp 2012

    My daughter, Sophia, is currently attending the NYChessKids Summer Camp and is having a BLAST! The world class chess instruction has increased both her confidence and her technique. Every day she is playing hard, making new friends and having fun. I would strongly recommend the NYChessKids camp to anyone looking for a great place for their child to grow and have a wonderful summer.

    Thamani Tomlin about the Summer Camp 2012

    Great pictures!! It's obvious the children are having a blast and stimulating their brains at the same time. Keep up the good work!

    Maria Zois about the Summer Camp 2012

    My son Billy, just completed 2 weeks of your summer camp at P.S. 116. This was his first time at the camp but I assure you it won't be his last. He enjoyed every minute of it! As a result he has developed such enthusiasm for chess and we think its wonderful! We did the full day program, and though at first I thought it might be too much for him, it wasn't. He enjoyed the morning lessons followed by afternoon recreation. Now he is eager to return just so he can advance to the next level. We will be enrolling him again before summer is over and will be sure to return next year as well.

    We would love to hear your comments about any of our programs or suggestions you may have. Also, if there are any issues, you can report it through here. This form is opened to anyone parents, instructors, or administrators. Send us your thoughts. We are interested in hearing from you.


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    The new private space will allow families to come together and small groups of children to receive lessons. In our computer area, students are able to study and have fun interactive chess lessons on the laptops.

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